Regular hot water bottles are great but extra long hot water bottles are better

OK so no white Christmas then? That’s a shame. But as we return to work and the chilly weather refuses to budge, the yearning for warmth and comfort grows ever deeper. The slippy roads are often the worst. Along with ice rink pavements and outside shed doors that stick together with a frosty sheen.

If you’re anything like many of the Cuddly Comforts team, come November you’ll be wishing you had stocked up on those go-to necessities in preparation for the cold.

The usual items: sweaters, jackets, scarves, mittens, and of course hot water bottles. Out of the cupboards and in to circulation. Toasty perfection. Early in the New Year it’s still just as cold. You may need that heated blanket, extra sweater or thick woolly socks.

Top Tip (that you probably know already)

Are your favourite cozy socks in the wash? Wearing two or three pairs together isn’t cutting it? Try a pair of football (or soccer if you prefer) socks. We have loads lying around the house and they do a great job keeping our feet warm.

Football Socks are great feet warmers

warm socks
Nothing better than nice warm feet

While socks and woolly jumpers are often a regular feature in the Cuddly Comforts household, a trusty hot water bottle is never far away. For the past few years extra long hot water bottles have been part of our day-to-day lives. They’re handy for pain relief or just a touch of instant cuddly heat.

Some use it as a massage aid, or to help give its user immediate comfort and warmth. The traditionally-sized bottles (small, heart shaped, you know the drill) have been tested and proven for decades. But when you need an extra bit of length an extra-long hot water bottle is performing better.

After speaking to some of our loyal customers, here are some of the reasons why…

Extra long hot water bottles are remarkably flexible

The extra-long hot water bottle is flexible for its size. While some find it heavy when filled with water, it is fairly lightweight compared to some of the earlier models and can be easily carried around your neck or shoulder. Use the tie string that comes with all of our second covers. This way it should still reach your neck and down to your arms for extended warmth. 

The flexibility of the extra-long hot water bottle will also come in handy for those unexpected cramps. When stretching out a cramp, a hot compress often helps to ease the pain. A hot water bottle with a safe cover can also aid this process. Furthermore, since your extra-long hot water bottle is flexible, it can occupy more areas on your belly area if you are experiencing stomach cramps.

A longer version of a regular hot water bottle?

With an elongated version of a regular hot water bottle, the heat that can be felt from top to bottom. It can target a wider area or longer part of the body, like your legs or even on your back and down your spine. 

Its length is super handy, especially when targeting areas that are difficult to reach with a normal-sized hot water bottle. 

Extra long rainbow

Conventional and useful

The extra-long hot water bottle is very easy to use. You just have to twist and remove its stopper, safely fill it with hot water, and then you are good to go. The optimal word here is SAFELY! We emphasise a safety-first approach throughout the filling process to avoid injuries or accidents.

Any size of hot water bottle is useful whenever you feel those aching muscles after a run or cold weather exercise. We get messages from runners who use the bottles for thermotherapy or cold lake swimming teams who grab a warm bottle after coming out of the water.

They can be used as massaging aids or just to thaw out with. Feeling less energetic? It is always rewarding to use a hot water bottler after a long and stressful day at work or school. 

Versatility at its best

Unlike the regular hot water bottle, you can use the extra-long hot water bottle in more versatile ways. How about tying it up around your body or have it act like a scarf for comfort in the neck and shoulder area?

Having the extra-long hot water bottle wrapped around your body gives so much relief as you are not holding anything. Plus, your hands are not occupied and have the freedom to move. 

We got word back that a knitter we work with often uses one of our extra long hot water bottles, wrapped around her body, while creating cozy covers! She also has a nice home-knitted blanket too. She says she feels like a cuddly sheep.

Sheep have a built in coat

Extra long = extra warmth

All things considered, we are not going to trash the humble hot water bottle. It has served the hands and feet of millions so well, for so long. However, while smaller hot water bottles are great, an extra long hot water bottle is better.

This is because it is flexible, versatile, very convenient to use and, most importantly, longer. You can easily reach multiple body parts, that need heating and warmth, with an extra long hot water bottle. 

Any type of hot water bottle will provide the warmth and comfort that you seek. But when it comes to pain relief and hands free assistance, an extra long hot water bottle is our preferred choice.

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