Choose a hand knitted extra long hot water bottle this Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?

As always, Christmas is closing in fast.

And if you’re hitting the shops, scrambling to find the perfect gift – then we’ve got you covered.

If you didn’t know already, our assortment of experienced knitters have been spinning yarn and twisting stitches for weeks to make sure our new hand knitted range is up to speed.

Keeping warm while looking good

This festive season, keeping you warm is our number one priority. As the cold weather bites, hips get sore, backs ache and your cheeks melt as you battle the freezing wind.

We know all about it. Here on the outskirts of Antrim it’s exactly the same!

While our usual range of extra long hot water bottles are still available, we know that when buying a gift for a loved one you want something extra special.

An added touch of quality.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”

Steve Jobs

If it’s good enough for Steve then it’s good enough for us!

And that’s when we had a brainwave….

Hand knitted hot water bottle covers

You can get them for small hot water bottles. You can get them with standard size hot water bottles.

So why not snuggle in to an extra long hot water bottle with a hand knitted cover?

From baby pink designs to honey bee stripes. Unique football club colours to blue speckled patterns. If you have a design you prefer then just give us a shout and we’ll work it out. There hasn’t been one that’s stumped us yet.

As it’s Christmas you get a colourful gift bag included. Plus a scented sachet and a free usage guide. The postage is free (as always) and we’ll even handwrite a little personalised note on your behalf, so the lucky recipient knows it’s from you.

Don’t have time to gift wrap it? We’ll do that as well. 

Snowman, Santa or Snowflakes….you choose the wrapping paper. 

Ready wrapped for you

Who’s knitting my extra long hot water bottle?

There’s Joanne from Armagh. She’s pretty eccentric and loves cats. Jo’s knitting specialty is long socks in whacky pattern combinations. She also owns an extra long hot water bottle so knows how beneficial they can be.

Don’t forget Lisa. Tucked away on the outskirts of Shropshire, Lisa focuses on our football-themed ‘Wolf Pack’ range which goes down a storm with local fans.

And finally, Patricia. Pat is from Scotland and has been knitting for 50 years. These days her hands get sore if she knits for too long and she needs a little break in between stitches. 

But that’s fine with us. 

It might take a day or two longer, but her bespoke tartan hot water bottle covers are worth the wait. The ones in family surname “clan” colours are always popular ?

Feeling warmed up yet?

If you’re still feeling a little frosty after your purchase then give us a shout and we’ll sort it out or give you your money back.

Click here, grab one now and let us know what you think.

Using an extra long hot water bottle during pregnancy

Are extra long hot water bottles safe for pregnant women to use?

Pregnant women deal with quite a lot every day. The cramps, soreness, tired feet. They’re in a constant state of varying levels of physical pain and discomfort, and their mental and emotional health suffers at times too.

There are many products that can ease the irritation. Hot water bottles are designed to at least ease or relieve women of pregnancy pains. It is a difficult task creating a new life within their own bodies – any bit of help is welcome.

Back pain is a common ailment of pregnant women

Back pain is common during pregnancy as the pelvis, joints and lower back are placed under increasing strain.

Tips to reduce back pain during pregnancy

Is It Safe to Use a Hot Water Bottle when Pregnant?

Definitely, yes! Hot water bottles are still made with rubber as they can withstand high temperatures, but most hot water bottle nowadays already come covered with fabrics for both design and safety. The usual safety measures always apply and do not do anything dangerous or that you don’t feel comfortable with.

It’s also worth ensuring the following:

Your extra long hot water bottle neither has a split or is too worn.

Maintaining a fit and functioning bottle is vitally important.

Your hot water bottle is closed securely before using.

Ensure the stopper is screwed tightly and sufficiently closed. Once closed, turn the bottle upside down and give a short shake to remove any excess water and make sure there are no leaks.

You don’t fill your hot water bottle with boiling water.

Burns can happen so please be careful with the temperature of water you use.

You don’t sit on it or lay on it.

This obviously increases the chances of it popping or bursting. Never put excessive weight on the bottle.

And…you don’t use it together with an electric blanket.

Water and electric don’t mix. Enough said.

Keeping snug is important

Heat therapy during pregnancy

Are you considering using heat therapy? Heat therapy during pregnancy is a great idea. It’s an effective and inexpensive way that you can relieve yourself of pregnancy-related pains and discomfort.

Your pregnant body protects your child the best that it can, and a little heat therapy from an external heat source wouldn’t negatively affect you or your baby.

Heat only becomes problematic when it’s your internal temperature that rises, and no water bottle has the ability to do this. This is why you should avoid saunas and hot tubs (not warm baths), and why it’s dangerous that you suffer from high fever when you’re pregnant.

Localised heat therapy is great, non-invasive way to find comfort in specific areas like back, hips, joints and muscles during your pregnancy. However you should avoid using a heat pack anywhere on your abdomen while pregnant.

Bounty Parents

Can I Use a Hot Water Bottle for Abdominal Pregnancy Pains?

Proceed with caution! Figure out what’s causing the pain, because there could be several reasons for tummy aches during pregnancy. It is also very common for abdominal pains to disappear when applying heat therapy on your back rather than directly on your abdominal area.

Hot water bottles should always be covered and never left for more than a few minutes on your tummy. Physicians will also most likely advise you to take a warm bath or try a massage instead of using a hot water bottle for abdominal pains during pregnancy.

Extra long hot water bottles are good for abdominal pain

Can I Use an Extra Long Hot Water Bottle Instead?

Of course! Extra-long hot water bottles are perfect if you’re suffering from pregnancy pains because you can wrap them around your body. You can use them to ease back pains, neck pains, sore muscles, stiff necks, cramps, hip pains, and joint pains.

Regular hot water bottles are great for targeting small areas, but pregnancy pains are notorious for spanning the length of your back, around your hips, both of your legs, and many other areas. Extra-long hot water bottles allow you to apply heat to relieve pain from multiple areas all at once.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are unsure.

How an extra long hot water bottle eases back pain

A hot water bottle isn’t just for a cold winter’s night

Whether it is helping babies sleep or easing period cramps, there is a long list of health benefits associated with using the trusty hot water bottle. They’re great for relieving muscle pains, neck pains, and abdominal pains as well. But one long standing benefit is just how effective they are in easing back pain too.

Applying heat in general can help ease back pain. The practice of thermotherapy or cryotherapy is growing in popularity as people suffering from long-term pains discover the efficacy of such a treatment.

Some people find that heat (such as a hot bath or a hot water bottle placed on the affected area) helps to ease the pain when back pain first starts.


Hot or cold: Which is better for back pain?

Back pains and injuries can often be relieved by either heat or cold therapies, and alternating between the two can be more helpful at times. They’re also some of the most inexpensive ways that one can ease any type of muscle pain.

Both cold and hot water bottles are good for easing chronic pain and muscle soreness. Cold water bottles are more effective for strains, sprains, swelling, pulled muscles, new injuries, and bruising. Whenever we suffer a bruise or bump it is common practice to place cold peas from the freezer inside a tea towel and apply indirectly to the skin.

Frozen items can be effective

On the other hand, hot water bottles are more effective for aching muscles, arthritis, muscle stiffness, and chronic back pain.

How does heat therapy work?

How does applying heat to affected muscles help them heal, and how does heat reduce the pain? Well, according to the experts heat opens up the blood vessels, making blood flow more freely around the area where heat is applied. The increased blood flow helps the tissues heal.

Blood also transports excess lactic acid away from the muscles and lessens pain in the process. As long as it isn’t a new injury and there isn’t any kind of swelling or bruising involved, easing pain with heat therapy is almost always a good idea.

How do you use a hot water bottle for back pain?

First, you need to unscrew the plug and fill the bottle with hot water. You need to make sure that it’s hot but not boiling so you still get the warmth that you need without subjecting the rubber material to continuously boiling hot temperatures and risk possibly degrading the material.

More importantly, be careful not to burn your skin, or you will need to apply some direct cold therapy by running your skin under a cold tap. Stop when the water is at least half-full or if it’s filled at most up to two-thirds of its capacity.

Hot water bottles aren’t meant to be filled to the brim, as hot water produces steam and steam takes up space. If there isn’t any space for the steam to go to, the hot water bottle can burst at the seams or bubble right up to the top when the stopper is loosened. This is why it’s important to let the excess air out.

Boiling kettles need handled with care

After you’ve done this and securely replaced the plug, you can now use your hot water bottle to relieve your back pain. Use a hot water bottle cover to make sure that the hot surface of the bottle doesn’t directly touch your skin.

Place it on your back where your muscles hurt, but don’t leave it for more than 20 minutes at one area. Remember that you never should sit or lie on top of your hot water bottle, even if it’s just half-full. Excessive pressure can lead to a burst seam and nobody wants that to happen.

You can also alternate between a hot water bottle and a cold pack. If you’re using ice instead, make sure that you don’t place the ice directly on your skin as it could cause something that is known as a cold burn. You will know from personal and practice experience, plus professional medical advice, what works for you.

Treatments for back pain

The extra benefits of using extra long hot water bottles

There are several benefits to owning extra long hot water bottles instead of just the regular-sized ones. For one, longer shaped bottles are perfect for pain that covers the length of your back. They are also great for easing pain in multiple areas all at the same time.

Items with a loop and string can perfectly slide around the body and be easily attached. All of our extra long hot water bottles come with a spare cover so you can tie it around you and easily wash and dry the original, while continuing to use your bottle with the second cover.

extra long hot water bottle pink cover
Loop and string for attachment

If you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, abdominal muscle pains, and lower back pains, you can just simply wrap it around your tummy and soothe all three at once. It also helps that you can use your hands and your thighs to cuddle it and hold it in place.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are unsure.

Animal hot water bottles

Hot Water Bottles for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Hot water bottles come in all shapes and sizes – they can be big or small, they can be short neck warmers or extra long hot water bottles. Having a nice, soft cover, perfect for cuddling, is important and printed fabrics or plush animals can even be used to cover them.  These hot water bottles are perfect for kids and kids-at-heart as they’re flexible, huggable, and 100% adorable!

Extra cuddles

How to Fill Your Animal Hot Water Bottle

Animal hot water bottles are just like regular hot water bottles. They’re usually rectangular, circular, or heart-shaped, they can even be longer, but it’s the animal covers are what make them so endearing and kid-friendly.

This means there isn’t much difference when you’re filling them up too. The priority is keeping our little munchkins safe as well as toasty so here’s how to fill them up:

Open your hot water bottle by unscrewing the plug

If there’s some water left in it from the last time you used it, pour it all out so you get the temperature you want from your hot water bottle.

Heat up some water

Hot water bottles can hold different quantities of water, and some can hold as much as 2 litres of water. You’re going to want to fill them up until they’re about one-half to two-thirds full depending on capacity.

This step must be done carefully, because you don’t want to burn yourself with hot water. If you are using a tea kettle, slowly pour water into your hot water bottle, allowing it to fill about two thirds full.


You can boil water and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Follow your hot water bottle’s instruction guidelines about fill levels and follow correct advice on recommended temperature levels so as not to damage the rubber material.

Fill up your animal hot water bottle

Here at Cuddly Comforts we always advise filling your extra long hot water bottle up with a cover already on. If, for whatever reason, you’re filling it up without the cover, use heat resistant and water-proof gloves for added safety. Hold it around the neck or prop up the water bottle if you don’t want to touch it while filling.

If you’re filling it up with the cover, just make sure you do so carefully. The cover may get wet, but at least you won’t burn your hands if the surface gets too hot.

Squeeze out the extra air

This is an important step. A flatter water bottle is easier to manage. It can cover more skin too. Air left inside will heat up and expand. A bottle fully filled with steam and water can put pressure on its seams, potentially causing irreparable damage.

Close the hot water bottle up by screwing the plug back on

After you’ve squeezed the air out, carefully replace the plug and secure it in place.

Some hot water bottles are also microwavable. For these types, you only need to make sure that they have enough room inside the microwave to rotate. The material may break if they touch the inside walls of the microwave.

You’ll never need to refill them or empty them out. You just have to reheat them in the microwave before using.

Some HWBs can be microwaved

Extra Long Animal Hot Water Bottles

If you’re fond of extra long hot water bottles, there are many plush covers and printed fabric covers available for this type of hot water bottles too. And because they’re so adorable, we’re sure you won’t mind that many of these animal covers have long bodies of unrealistic proportions.

There are extra-long dogs, unicorns, bunnies, sloths, dragons, and many different real and mythical animals to choose from. Some are even famous cartoon characters!

These cuddly, warm, and extra long hot water bottles are perfect for colder nights and easing pains in multiple areas all at once. They’re often extremely cute yet highly effective in relieving back pains, neck pains, cramps, muscle soreness, stiff necks, and many other types of muscle pains.

They’re great for hugging and cuddling while sleeping too, and they’re the perfect bedtime companions for kids and kids-at-heart!