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Aquí en Cuddly Comforts nos tomamos muy en serio la seguridad, por lo que le recomendamos que lea esta guía simple para asegurarse de que su botella de agua caliente lo mantenga cálido, acogedor y seguro. Proporcionan calidez y te hacen sentir cómodo de forma segura.

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Safety guide for your extra long hot water bottle

Please Read: Safety First

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Here at Cuddly Comforts we take safety very seriously, which is why we strongly recommend you read through this brief guide to ensure your hot water bottle keeps you warm and cozy – and safe.

Now you’ve received your bottle, hopefully it smells great and you can feel the quality. Keep scrolling down for for a very brief guide on how to enjoy your extra long hot water bottle safely.

Heat the water by your preferred method. We use a kettle, but the choice is very much your own. Either flick the kettle off before it boils or leave it to stand and settle for a few minutes before pouring, to avoid getting burns or scalds (nobody wants a burned hand).

Filling up an extra long hot water bottle

Slowly does it when filling the bottle. Nice and easy. Remember, it’s big so no need to fill it full to the top. Two thirds of the way up is plenty.

Slide the bottom of the hot water bottle on to a flat surface until the water appears near the opening. Gently expel all the air.

Ensure the screw top is sufficiently tightened to guard against any water leaks. As cuddly as your hot water bottle is, don’t lie on top of it or increase any kind of pressure on the body. Even though it’s made to the highest safety standards, if the weight is too much, it might burst!

Exercise caution if you have sensitive skin, if a child or elderly person is using the hot water bottle. We want you warm, not hurt.

Hot Water Bottles from Cuddly Comforts

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