Microwave hot water bottles vs Extra long hot water bottles

They’re perfect for the cold grasps of winter as well as those chilly summer nights. An extra long water bottle goes a long way in serving its purpose as a replacement for a warm hug. More than the warmth that it gives, it also brings comfort and eases body pains. 

A nice warm hug

Hot water bottles have long been part of instant home remedies. They always come in handy for treating body aches and pains. No matter the size and shape, a well-made hot water bottle is conventional, versatile and unquestionably effective. 

Given the size differentials, every type of hot water bottle has advantages and disadvantages. With neck warmers, back pack bottles, cashmere knitted covers and extra long options, it is up to you which one to choose. Heating pads are becoming increasingly more popular as well.

Putting a hot water bottle in the microwave might seem a little odd but these novelty contraptions are indeed on the market. This article will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of an extra long hot water bottle compared to a microwave hot water bottle.

Microwave Hot Water Bottles

A conventional anomaly, that ends up in the same spot as your micro fries, a microwaveable hot water bottle is ideal for body pains and cramps. It is also a perfect companion for the inevitable cold weather spell. And just like any other water bottle, microwaveable hot water bottles have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a Microwave Hot Water Bottle

This type of hot water bottle usually comes in the traditional size, which makes it handy and convenient to bring anywhere you go. It is lightweight, which is a plus factor, especially for those of us on-the-go. You’ll need to heat it up before you leave home though, unless you carry a microwave around in your bag!

The one we tried was made from high-quality, silicone material. As long as you have access to a microwave oven, warmth and comfort will follow if you have a microwaveable hot water bottle. Most are filled with gels and require no boiling water.

A well-made microwave hot water bottle is usually flammable proof and has an in-built safety measure to stop it from overheating. Because of its smaller size, the pressure of heat on a certain body part is more focused and on point.

Microwave hot water bottles
Silver: A classic microwave choice

Disadvantages of a Microwave Hot Water Bottle

Due to its traditional size, its function is also limited to traditional uses. The areas of concentrated heat are fairly small. It does not have the reach and flexibility that an extra long water bottle has.

Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

No longer a gimmick or innovative new design on the market, an extra long hot water bottle is now an established favourite in many households.

Just like any other hot water bottle out there, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of an Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

Perfect for woolly jumper weather, cuddle weather, or any other type of weather we just coined, the extra long hot water bottle can help ease body pain and cramps. The extended design will go a long way as an emergency home remedy for warmth and comfort. 

It can be worn around your neck, it can be worn around your shoulders, and it can be worn around your stomach. Ideal for your stubborn cramps or period pains. 

Since it comes in an extra long size, you can use it to massage and heat treat two body parts at once. You can use it for your neck and your shoulders will still be reached. This will come in handy, especially after a long day at work or school. 

Disadvantages of an Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

The disadvantage of this product is very minimal. Since it is extra long, you may find it hard to bring it everywhere with you. But this can easily be resolved with a carry bag that has the ideal size for your extra long hot water bottle.

Hot water bottles: central heating for the body

Microwave Hot Water Bottle or Extra Long Hot Water Bottle?

Although both products serve their purpose as a massage aid or stress remover, the extra long hot water bottle boasts added length and flexibility. It is lightweight and can reach multiple areas of your body that needs warmth and a little touch of central heating. 

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