Why you need an extra long hot water bottle this winter

The weather is starting to get colder and it’s time to dig out those winter warmers!

Do you experience aches and pains at the end of a long day? Do you loathe it when you have to take painkillers to counter the pain? Do you sometimes feel excessively cold despite covering yourself fully with chunky blankets and clothes?

As fans of the trusty hot water bottle we love nothing more than a swift warm-up. These comfy companions will let you sleep faster. They are great for tying around the waist to stay snuggly warm before the heasting comes on.

And, overall, extra long hot water bottles are the best way to keep warm in the cold months. Winter is around the corner…so let’s prepare!

Blowing snow in a winter wonderland!

One out of every three homes has a hot water bottle

A hot water bottle is a staple in most homes. Additionally, it is a tried and tested first line of treatment for pain relief.

Hot water bottles come in lots of shapes and sizes. They are available in pharmacy stores, bargain shops and home décor establishments. They are also very affordable and can be bought without a prescription. Of course you could always pick up a hot water bottle from Cuddly Comforts!

A hot water bottle offers pain relief benefits

Whether it is joint pain, pesky neck pain, or stomach cramps due to periods, you can easily depend on a hot water bottle to give you instant relief. Stomach pain can be caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which causes contraction of the intestine and stomach muscles.

This can be a painful experience. Use a heating pad or hot water bottle directly on the abdomen, while lying flat on the bed, can add immediate relief. 

Heat therapy is a credible line of treatment for all muscle sores. It is even good for cramps during menstruation. Many women take medicines to deal with the excruciating period pain. Using a hot water bottle can effectively stop the pain naturally.

Pregnancy aches can also be handled better if you use a hot water bottle to soothe pain near the stomach and the pelvis.

Doctors recommend that pregnant mums take hot water baths. But if that seems like a chore, then hot water bottles will do the job perfectly. A hot water bottle is good even for relieving pain after a particularly tough workout. 

Are you struggling with back and neck pain? 

When back or neck pain strikes, we suggest you reach for the hot water bottle. Sitting too long in front of the computer or reading with your head down can result in excruciating pain in the neck and upper back. Try this the next time to have discomfort in your neck:

1. Stretch your neck and try to massage the area that is hurting

2. Use a cold press and apply to the area. This will help by reducing the lactic acid build-up in the pain site. Please do not place the cold pack directly on your skin, as it can cause burns.

3. Once your muscles relax, soothe the area with a hot water bottle to improve blood circulation in the area.

Other uses for your extra long hot water bottle

Make babies fall asleep quickly

Do you have difficulty putting your young baby to sleep? Babies are acutely sensitive to changes in temperature. That being said, they love to fall asleep in a warm room. This is precisely why they are quiet till you are holding them.

Any parent will know the moment you put your special bundle to bed, they start crying. There are two hot water bottle hacks that you can try. You can fill warm water in the bottle and place it one or two inches away from the baby’s legs.

Alternatively, if you feel it is a hazard, you could use the hot water bottle to warm up the bed just before you put the baby on it. Adults love warm beds too. 

Nice, warm baby

Reduce anxiety

Stress is an everyday reality for most of us. The next time you feel tense, turn to an extra long hot water bottle to improve your blood circulation. Add a few drops of essential oils to de-stress and get into your yoga pants or pyjama bottoms for added relaxation!

Stay warm on an adventure trail

When you are out camping at night, the temperature can become really cold really quickly. Carry your hot water bottle whenever you go camping.

You can heat the water on the open campfire and fill your bottle to make your sleeping bag warm. This will ensure you catch quality sleep so that you can take part in all the activities planned for the next day. 

Try it when you spend your evenings out for a BBQ or when you are out socializing with your friends late in to the night. You can be sure they will elevate the evening and make it more pleasant and ‘warm.’

Many bars and restaurants have been welcoming visitors to their outdoor areas. Since Covid-19 struck, indoor dining or socialising has been restricted. Therefore, the trusty hot water bottle has sprung into action to provide outdoor heating to weekend revellers and diners.

What to do with hot water bottle water?

When you have got relief from all the annoying pain, remember not to flush down the water when it comes back to room temperature.

Instead, use it to water your plants. Are there any more hot water bottle hacks you know that will help others? Let us know in the comments below. 

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are unsure.