How to pick from a mini or extra long hot water bottle

Do mini hot water bottles work better than extra long ones?

Good question! The truth is that both can be useful. When body pain strikes or when the temperature starts to get chilly, we love nothing more than grabbing a hot water bottle of some description. These valuable instruments come in various sizes ranging from small ones to bigger ones to extra long ones.

When you say small or “mini”, does it also translate to its performance? Let’s go through the different functions of mini hot water bottles and how well they compare with extra long hot water bottles.

Mini hot water bottles

As the word itself suggests, these are the smallest hot water bottles you can purchase, with a height of about eight inches. Don’t worry though, its body is still generally made of high-quality rubber or PVC that effectively insulates the heat so you can enjoy its warmth comfortably.

The mini hot water bottle: A nice option but pricey in some quarters

The seal above it is leak-proof to avoid any spillages. This is a perfect buddy during travelling, especially if you experience sudden tummy aches or back pains. Due to its small size, carrying it everywhere will not be a problem at all! It wil seamlessly slide into a backpack or handbag.

One drawback we have found when researching some of these hot water bottles is the price. Coming in at anything from £12-£20 it can be a little on the expensive side. The 0.5 litre capacity is minuscule although some of the covers do seem nice and pretty.

Extra long hot water bottles

The modern design of extra long hot water bottles is tubular, unlike the conventional square design. A tight screw covers the top of the elongated rubber container to securely protect it from any leakage. Our designs often garner extramely positive feedback, with buyers remarking on the softness of the covers.

positive review

The whole bottle is protected with a knitted cloth, acrylllic of faux fur covering that is a perfectly comfortable to touch and cuddle. Whether you are lying down to rest, reading a book or watching a movie, you can just snuggle in to it as much as you please. You may apply it to virtually every part of your body from head to toe.

Woman with extra long water bottle and laptop

Is a bigger hot water bottle really better?


As described, the smaller mini hot water bottles are easier to carry around compared to the extra long hot water bottles. You can just place it inside a small bag and bring it with you in the office or any destination. We own a mini hot water bottle and for these purposes it does the job really well.

The extra long ones may be a bit bulkier compared to the mini hot water bottles but nevertheless, it is still lightweight. Its weight will just increase when you add water on to it. But in terms of transportability, it wouldn’t cause much problem.

A simple yet effective technique for transporting the extra long hot water bottle (when not filled with water) is to fold it in half and tuck it away neatly. It can slide effortlessly down the side of a bag or backpack.

Heat retention

While both products boast good insulation, higher volume will always mean higher heat retention. If you are a soup lover, you would definitely notice that it will take a longer time for the heat in large bowls to subside compared to those in smaller bowls!

bowl os soup
A nice bowl of soup

With this same principle, you can expect the heat in mini hot water bottles to dissipate quicker compared to that of extra long bottles. For the latter, you can put in a lot more volume, thereby increasing heat retention and providing greater satisfaction.

Heating efficiency

Mini hot water bottles can effectively target different parts of the body but it will only cover small portions proportional to its size. This means you can use it for your tummy, but your will neck will have to wait for its turn.

For extra long hot water bottles, its length is flexible and the coverage is certainly larger. You can use it for both neck and shoulders at the same time or you can wrap it around your waist for a 360-degree heating comfort.

The winter winner

The mini hot water bottles are extremely useful due to their handy size and portability; however, the advantages of the extra long hot water bottles are also very clear. Because of the latter’s extended heat retention, you can enjoy a whole night of warmth.

You can even place it on your bed before you going to sleep to ensure that the bed is fully warm. Finally, the greater coverage for application is really beneficial especially if you have multiple body parts experiencing aches and pains.

It is lightweight, sturdy and portable. At Cuddly Comforts we never compromise on standards and pride ourselves on producing a high quality hot water bottle.

Should I choose an electric hot water bottle?

Feeling the bite of winter coming around again? Through harsh seasons of coldness and stressful workdays, here at Cuddly Comforts we definitely need hot water bottles for heating and relaxation. A soothing “HWB” is part of the furniture; there are always two or three dotted across the house in various states of warmth.

With the advent of technology, companies have developed electric hot water bottles to increase convenience. But do they work better than the extra long warmers? In fact, how do they even work in the first place?!

Winter bites hard, unless you’re a sheep

We love an extra long hot water bottle, but an electric hot water bottle sounds appealing too. Perhaps not the potential for having to trail a power cord around the place.

Let’s discuss a few things here which will hopefully clear up a few questions and help us decide between the two.

Electric hot water bottles

As the name suggests, this type of hot water bottle uses electricity to generate heat for soothing body pains, menstrual cramps and sore muscles. These gadgets are already filled with water and sealed inside the container so you will not have to do any refilling.

At the back is a detachable plug you can plug in to an electrical charging socket that can take about 12 to 15 minutes depending on the brand or design. This device can heat water for up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Once its indicator signals as being full, you can unplug it and keep the power cord away until the next charging.

The electric hot water bottle comes in many forms and descriptions

Just with that charging, you can use it for as long as five (yes, 5!) hours. These are ideal for individuals who work long hours under cold conditions and need an immediate relief through heat. Instead of boiling water, you can just plug it, wait for the heating to finish and you’re good to go.

Extra long hot water bottles

This type of hot water bottle is an improvised version of the traditional one which is square-shaped or heart-shaped. The extra long hot water bottle design is intended to provide warmth and comfort to the whole length of your body.

Aside from relieving aches from your limbs, you have the option to apply it in areas of your body that may be difficult to reach.

Placing it in your bed before sleeping will offer valuable warmth and increased snugness during the night. You can use it as an alternative for round pillows; just be careful to let it cool a little to avoid skin burns.

Electric hot water bottles vs. Extra long hot water bottles

The electric hot water bottles are smaller in size when compared to the extra long types which makes them preferable for neck, shoulder and even stomach applications.

You can easily bring it with you when you are out and about and simply plug it in an outlet for charging. The extra long ones are highly portable, as well as very lightweight, and can fit in any regular luggage.

For the electric-type, however, you may have to be extra careful since it is an electric device. You probably already guessed that. Avoid instances where the device is being squeezed hard inside to prevent damage. You won’t have to worry about this for extra long hot water bottles as they do not contain any electrical connection.

A series of electrical wires
Wires can be limiting

In terms of application, the electrical hot water bottle has a limited coverage compared to extra long types. For the former, you can still apply it to any other body part but it might take a longer time compared to the extra long ones.

The latter’s lengthy span has the ability to simultaneously heat different parts of your body which saves time and energy. When it comes to efficiency, the extra long hot water bottles holds an edge in versatility.

On the safety side, using both products of course involves risks. The electric types have an electrical hazard associated with them, so high precaution is advised. To avoid injury, you must not try to use the device while it is charging.

Check the safety standard on your rubber hot water bottles – the current standard is British Standard BS 1970

Hants Council

Since the liquid inside is sealed permanently, there is no risk of hot water spillage. For the extra long ones, you will always need to be careful when filling up the rubber container as hot water, used incorrectly, can be dangerous. When returning the stopper, also ensure that it is well sealed to avoid leakage.

At Cuddly Comforts we always stress a stringent safety-first approach to filling your extra long hot water bottle.

The Verdict: Does electric spark your interest?

Both products have their pros and cons but overall, the extra long hot water bottle earns the higher score. This is firstly due to the fact that it has a greater heat output efficiency compared to electrical ones.

Furthermore, it does not involve any electrical connection, thereby avoiding any risk of electrocution. The aim of heat treatments is for comfort, satisfaction and alleviating conditions or aches and pains, but safety must not be compromised.

use a hot water bottle on a camping trip
No need for electric on a camping trip

The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to excuse yourself from a camping trip to rig up the generator so you can charge your electric hot water bottle. That would be pretty inconvenient.

Choosing Between Neck and Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are an all-time favourite choice for people living in frosty temperatures. These cuddly objects have been continuously innovated since their inception so now we have many choices to choose from.

Mini hot water bottles, extra long hot water bottles, traditional heart shaped hot water bottles or bottles that heat up in the microwave – the possibilities are endless!

Two of the more recent designs to have hit the hot water bottle market are neck hot water bottles and extra long types. In this article we will take a closer glance at what each of these types can do for you as we look over both the neck hot water bottle and the extra long hot water bottle.

woman suffering from neck pain

Neck Hot Water Bottles

Have you ever used a neck pillow? They come in slightly different shapes depending on the brand but with a similar objective to regular hot water bottles: to relieve neck and shoulder pains by helping the body to relax and hitting the points of discomfort.

The water’s warmth inside the rubber container will last for several hours so you can enjoy using it for a while and taking advantage of the heat application. Some are hook shaped, others a U shape with a small handle area, while the third type is often elongated in shape but small in size.

Generally, its curves are designed to fit comfortably around your neck for maximum coziness. You can use it when relaxing in a stationary position or doing simple activities at home. The rubber container inside is also covered with a cloth or cover that is perfectly washable.

People have been using hot water bottles to alleviate all kinds of body pain for hundreds of years, and you are probably one of them. However, the question is: Is it still advisable to use them to help with symptoms like neck and back pain? 

Wellcare Global

Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

When it gets cold at night, you might want to snuggle up with a pillow or two. Adding an extra long hot water bottle in to mix can significantly add to your comfort.

Adequately covered with a soft cover, you can easily cuddle it to the position of your liking while doing some reading or just resting. You can also use this to relieve body pains, stomach aches, period pains and cramps.

Because of its longer structure, heat retention is higher so you can enjoy a whole night of snuggling (without the hassle of a fellow human!). It has a twistable lid that seals the whole bottle, preventing any spillage or leakage to occur.

More importantly, the extra long hot water bottle can be used to perfectly sit around the neck to ease discomfort. Provided the bottle is not at it hottest point it can be tied using the loop and string. Often it just sits on the shoulder, pressed against the neck.

easing neck pain

A Quick Comparison of the Two

Let us now examine a few angles of comparison between these two types of hot water bottles:

Both hot water bottles have a rubber container on the inside to hold water and preserve its heat. The procedure of filling it with hot water is also similar. The difference lies on the level of caution you need to have during filling.

Filling up an extra long hot water bottle

Since neck-type bottles are U-shaped, you may need to tilt it a bit so the hot water you poured will settle at the other end of it. This mean you need take extra caution so as not to cause spillage or worse skin injury.

For the extra long hot water bottle, you only need to hold it upright and fill it easily without worrying about any spillages.

The neck hot water bottle is smaller compared to extra long ones and specifically designed to target the neck. It has a round shape that will easily feet around your neck while also touching your shoulders.

While it impacts both body parts, application is still limited with these two. The extra long hot water bottle on the other hand can also be used as a neck pain reliever and has even a greater extent of application.

Aside from the neck and shoulders, you can use it in your stomach, back, hands, legs and feet. Its shape is not fixed so you can use it accordingly and keep it in contact with the affected body part. It boasts added flexibility.

Both types are easy to maintain since inner containers are made of rubber that provide long-lasting insulation. The outer sleeves are made of cloth which is machine washable.

The Warm Wrap-Up

There you have it! If you just want to target your neck and shoulders, a neck hot water bottle can do the job, but if your whole body is in need of a bit of TLC the extra long hot water bottle can literally fill those needs as well.

With this in mind, extra long hot water bottles are one step ahead. Its span can be used to warm a wider portion of your body in a shorter period of time.

and even if you are feeling in tip-top condition, you can always place it in your bed in advance to give you a warm, comfortable sleep through the night.