What are the benefits of using an extra long hot water bottle?

Since the 16th century, containers made of metal and filled with hot coals have been used to warm beds. The downside was always the risk of fire due to a stray spark or steaming embers catching.

Nevertheless, it is has proven to be very useful from then until now. We even covered the evolution of our favourite warming tool in a recent deep dive into the history of the hot water bottle.

Vintage Hot Water Bottles

We used to use the stone hot water bottles all the time “when I were a lad”. Glad you mentioned about wrapping them. I can confirm that bare feet and a bare hot stone bottle do not go well together!

Also be careful when you get out of bed in the morning that you don’t roll or push it onto the floor where it may break or even worse you tread on it!!! OUCH!!!

Perhaps you could investigate having your own modern/repro branded ones made for sale? We used to get replacement rubber washers from the local plumbers merchants & they do seem to be still available on eBay.

Keeping it Short and Simple (on YouTube)

Over time, its nature and purpose have of course been improved a lot. Unlike then, containers are currently made up of thermoplastic or rubber that can withstand and keep the heat for a longer period of time. Hot water bottle safety standards are higher.

Instead of coals, they are filled with hot water and sealed by a screw cap. Now, they are easier to use and more portable. Moreover, they are not only used as a relief during cold nights but also to ease aches and pains while helping to alleviate stress.

Hot water bottles for relieving pain

One of the most common uses of the hot water bottle is to ease body pains. These include colon problems, back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, or joint pain. It can also relieve stomach cramps due to menstruation.

Moreover, it is very easy to use. Put the water bottle on the painful part of your body. Then, let the heat gradually drift through your body, leading hopefully to instant pain relief.

Are you sleeping comfortably?

On very cold nights, an extra long hot water bottle can be used to warm the body. You can embrace it while lying down or you can put it beside you or inside the blanket to mitigate the coldness of the season.

You can sleep comfortably without the need for a heater that will only increase your electricity bill. We love saving a few pounds, plus the longer hot water bottles stay warm for hours.

Man Sleeping
Comfortable sleeping is a must

Heat therapy for relieving stress

After a long day at work, you can put it on your forehead while resting or lying down to relieve the stress. This is also a good pain relief when you experience back and neck pain due to prolonged sitting in the office.

A cover with loop and tie string makes for the perfect travel companion

Since it is portable, it is a good travel companion. Whether for a long flight or road trip, it is better to carry a hot water bottle. You might get cold or numb due to a longer period of travel. Who knows? You never know when you will need it.

Wrap it around your body

Take your hot water bottle on outdoor activities

While watching your favourite sport or hanging out with friends outside on a cold day, a long hot water bottle is a very good companion.

You can tuck it in inside your jacket, and then you’ll never worry about the cold again. It is also good to carry around when camping. There’s a good chance that it will be cold at the camp site, therefore a hot water bottle can be used to warm the body.

You can continue talking and relaxing with your buddies without being bothered by the coldness.

At night, you can put it inside your sleeping bag, snuggling beside it to be able to sleep comfortably. When it is no longer warm, you can use empty out the water and re-fill.

Unfortunately, the water is unlikely to be reusable as it will be rubber infused, so no good for making tea or washing up with.

use a hot water bottle on a camping trip
Hot water bottles are good for camping

Easing muscle cramps and pains

After an intense physical activity like working out in a gym or playing sports, a hot water bottle can be used to treat sore muscles. It will prevent them from hurting too much the next day.

Coughs, runny noses, and colds are very common during cold nights. You can put the hot water bottle on top of your chest to help you breathe more freely and sleep comfortably. Maybe smear a touch of Vicks VapoRub on as well?

You never know what you can get from a very simple solution. Let one of our extra long hot water bottles do the hard work. Remove inconvenience, relax after a long day and enjoy that soothing warmth. Truly, a lot of benefits can be derived from an easy and convenient hot water bottle.

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