How to pick from a mini or extra long hot water bottle

Do mini hot water bottles work better than extra long ones?

Good question! The truth is that both can be useful. When body pain strikes or when the temperature starts to get chilly, we love nothing more than grabbing a hot water bottle of some description. These valuable instruments come in various sizes ranging from small ones to bigger ones to extra long ones.

When you say small or “mini”, does it also translate to its performance? Let’s go through the different functions of mini hot water bottles and how well they compare with extra long hot water bottles.

Mini hot water bottles

As the word itself suggests, these are the smallest hot water bottles you can purchase, with a height of about eight inches. Don’t worry though, its body is still generally made of high-quality rubber or PVC that effectively insulates the heat so you can enjoy its warmth comfortably.

The mini hot water bottle: A nice option but pricey in some quarters

The seal above it is leak-proof to avoid any spillages. This is a perfect buddy during travelling, especially if you experience sudden tummy aches or back pains. Due to its small size, carrying it everywhere will not be a problem at all! It wil seamlessly slide into a backpack or handbag.

One drawback we have found when researching some of these hot water bottles is the price. Coming in at anything from £12-£20 it can be a little on the expensive side. The 0.5 litre capacity is minuscule although some of the covers do seem nice and pretty.

Extra long hot water bottles

The modern design of extra long hot water bottles is tubular, unlike the conventional square design. A tight screw covers the top of the elongated rubber container to securely protect it from any leakage. Our designs often garner extramely positive feedback, with buyers remarking on the softness of the covers.

positive review

The whole bottle is protected with a knitted cloth, acrylllic of faux fur covering that is a perfectly comfortable to touch and cuddle. Whether you are lying down to rest, reading a book or watching a movie, you can just snuggle in to it as much as you please. You may apply it to virtually every part of your body from head to toe.

Woman with extra long water bottle and laptop

Is a bigger hot water bottle really better?


As described, the smaller mini hot water bottles are easier to carry around compared to the extra long hot water bottles. You can just place it inside a small bag and bring it with you in the office or any destination. We own a mini hot water bottle and for these purposes it does the job really well.

The extra long ones may be a bit bulkier compared to the mini hot water bottles but nevertheless, it is still lightweight. Its weight will just increase when you add water on to it. But in terms of transportability, it wouldn’t cause much problem.

A simple yet effective technique for transporting the extra long hot water bottle (when not filled with water) is to fold it in half and tuck it away neatly. It can slide effortlessly down the side of a bag or backpack.

Heat retention

While both products boast good insulation, higher volume will always mean higher heat retention. If you are a soup lover, you would definitely notice that it will take a longer time for the heat in large bowls to subside compared to those in smaller bowls!

bowl os soup
A nice bowl of soup

With this same principle, you can expect the heat in mini hot water bottles to dissipate quicker compared to that of extra long bottles. For the latter, you can put in a lot more volume, thereby increasing heat retention and providing greater satisfaction.

Heating efficiency

Mini hot water bottles can effectively target different parts of the body but it will only cover small portions proportional to its size. This means you can use it for your tummy, but your will neck will have to wait for its turn.

For extra long hot water bottles, its length is flexible and the coverage is certainly larger. You can use it for both neck and shoulders at the same time or you can wrap it around your waist for a 360-degree heating comfort.

The winter winner

The mini hot water bottles are extremely useful due to their handy size and portability; however, the advantages of the extra long hot water bottles are also very clear. Because of the latter’s extended heat retention, you can enjoy a whole night of warmth.

You can even place it on your bed before you going to sleep to ensure that the bed is fully warm. Finally, the greater coverage for application is really beneficial especially if you have multiple body parts experiencing aches and pains.

It is lightweight, sturdy and portable. At Cuddly Comforts we never compromise on standards and pride ourselves on producing a high quality hot water bottle.

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