Wearable hot water bottles

If you’re based in the UK and Ireland you’ll know that a spell of cold weather is usually just around the corner. The trick is, be ready for it. Sweaters, check. Jackets, check. Coats, check. Wearable Hot Water Bottles, double-check!

As most of you know, hot water bottles come in handy as a massage aid, stress and body pain reliever. With every season comes a new “keep warm” fad.

Our information radars are on red alert that there are numerous types of wearable hot water bottles out there. 

Convenient, flexible, wearable–these are just some of the reasons why you might consider grabbing your very own wearable hot water bottle right now. 

Extra long hot water bottles as a Scarf

It is the season of scarves once again and what better way to wear a scarf than by using an extra long hot water bottle. The extra long hot water bottle is so long that it can be disguised as a furtive scarf.

It can come in different designs and colours. This is ideal, especially if you will be matching your outfit of the day with your hot water bottle. 

Any good extra long hot water bottle will come in different designs made of high-quality materials. It is always down to your own personal preference to choose what design will work best for you. 

Other than having a fashionable purpose, the extra long hot water bottle is a good addition to your home remedy kit, especially for emergency purposes. Since it comes in a longer size, it can reach multiple body parts at once. Perfect for easing body pains and muscle cramps. 

use an extra long hot water bottle as a scarf
Wrap your bottle around like a scarf

Hot water bottles for easing body pains

Perfect for those extra cold or even just chillier evenings, the extra long hot water bottle is the ideal companion to keep you warm and comfortable in any weather.

Not only is it designed for extra toastiness (might have just made that word up!), but it also helps ease any discomforts or body pains that you may be experiencing. 

Since the extra long hot water bottle comes in a longer size, the best part of having this item is that you can reach multiple body parts at once. The gorgeous knitted patterns and unique designs are a plus too!

Using only natural rubber as its main material, there is no need to worry about any suspicious odours or sinister effects that may harm your health. 

Furry warmers as microwaveable furry boots

Another wearable wonder, this microwavable treat from Warmies is the perfect companion after a long working day. Perfect as a stress reliever or as a massaging aid, this pair of furry boots will give you the right amount of warmth and heat that you need. 

Just imagine that it is your rest day. It could be a weekend or a holiday, and you are sitting peacefully on your couch, with a cup of hot coffee in one hand. Your latest page turner is in the other hand.

On your feet, a pair of furry warmers, because those chilly toes need some love as well.

What is your hot drink of choice?

Microwaveable heat pad 

Fashionable and reliable, but is it practical? This microwaveable heat pad from Hungaroo is ideal for those who are always on the go and want to ease their neck and shoulder pain.

This option can easily be worn around your neck and can be attached hassle-free. It also promotes a soothing lavender aroma and is lightweight.

Another good thing about this microwaveable and wearable heat pad is that it can also be used for a cold compress. Just let it cool in a freezer for a relaxing and refreshing experience when the days eventually warm up.

A cuddly wraparound

Why choose a wearable hot water bottle?

Is it possible to look good and feel good? With a wearable hot water bottle, yes. Aside from the fact that it is wearable and convenient, a wearable hot water bottle is a must-have.

Consequently, it not only serves its purpose as a hot water bottle but also does more in terms of fashion and looking good. 

It is warmth and comfort on the go. For example, have you ever experienced back or kidney pain while you are outside? Many of us have, and it’s very unpleasant. With a wearable hot water bottle, you can quickly ease and relieve that pain at any time of the day.

The treatment for kidney pain depends on what is causing it.

Kidney Fund

Placing a hot water bottle in a little back pack is always an option if you’re stuck for time. But remember, one of our hot water bottles with loop and tie string can also be useful.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are unsure.