Hot water bottles are dangerous

We often hear about the danger, but is it completely true?

Sometimes whenever we mention to somebody that we are in the extra long hot water bottle business there are two responses.

Firstly, what is an extra long hot water bottle? Well, as you probably know it is an ordinary hot water bottle. Only longer!

Secondly, they may say something like, “wow hot water bottles are dangerous”. Yes of course this is true. They CAN be dangerous.

The potential is always there for a burn, a spill or a scald. Leave it on your skin for a few seconds too long and an itchy red mark can appear. Here at Cuddly Comforts we would never dispute that. Which is why we take safety measures so seriously.

All of our bottles come with a link to the safety guide. On our website their are links to safety guides in different languages. Our outsourced team of specialist interpreters put them together to ensure warmth and safety across the Continent.

Woman with extra long water bottle and laptop
Hot water bottles need to be respected

Hot water bottles can be dangerous but so can many things

The truth is that hot water bottles of all shapes and sizes have the potential to be dangerous. However, a kitchen knife has the potential to be dangerous.

You can slice your finger just as easily as slicing a piece of nice juicy melon! But when was the last time somebody perused your new fitted kitchen and said, “I love it, but that block of knives is pretty dangerous”.

Knives can be dangerous

Same as your brand spanking new Honda, Audi or Ferrari. The shiny coat of paint, fast accelerator speeds and alloy wheels all get the thumbs up.

But nobody looks over the car, sitting pretty on the drive, and expresses concern that you might use it to run over a neighbour.

Therefore, lots of things can be dangerous if you don’t use them properly. Bleach, paint, power tools, a lawnmower. The list goes on.

Don’t burn yourself with a hot water bottle

As outlined in the safety guide the key is to remain safe and diligent at all times. Old, worn out hot water bottles are bound to cause issues. Not filling them correctly can be hazardous. Always dispose and replace bottles with damage, visible wear and tear or holes.

Before snuggling up for the night, check, shake and ensure correct filling measurements are adhered to. Boiling water is potentially harmful. Nobody wants boils, burns or blisters.

You want warm feet and toasty fingers! Look forward to trips to restaurants, pubs, outdoor venues. Not a trip to accident and emergency.

As the lockdown eased many managers in the catering industry turned to the trusty hot water bottle. Along with blankets and coats they have provided warmth for people sitting outside and eating.

So, yes, extra long hot water bottles CAN BE DANGEROUS. But they don’t need to be.

Are extra long hot water bottles safe for kids?

Keeping young children warm and safe on winter nights

Hot water bottles have long been used for warming beds and helping many people sleep more comfortably during cold nights. A versatile, cost effective source of heat and comfort, there are lots of modern uses for hot water bottles too.

They’re used in heat therapy to get rid of muscle pains, soreness, and cramps. Many pregnant women even use these hot water bottles to ease their pregnancy pain and discomfort which can help with a good night’s sleep.

As we head in to the winter months, any parent will know that keeping a child warm and cozy is often the key to a good night’s sleep. Snugly onesies, plenty of warm blankets and a nice glass of warm milk can all help before bed time.

Man cuddles baby
Baby’s love a cuddle

But are hot water bottles safe for kids? It often depends on the way the hot water bottle is being used and dependent on the age of the child. Is there a way to make them safer for kids? And what about extra-long hot water bottles?

Are hot water bottles safe for kids’ use?

Yes! To a point…

Even though we are in the business of keeping you warm, safety is of paramount concern every single time. Hot water bottles are perfect for warming the beds for kids and adults of all ages. They’re especially useful during colder winter nights when even the thickest blankets and covers wouldn’t cut it.

The additional warmth provided by the hot water bottle helps children and adults sleep better and more comfortably. Simply place the bottle in the bed to warm it up and remove it when the child climbs between the sheets and they will not have direct contact with the bottle.

woman blowing snow
Winter gets pretty cold…naturally

However, since a kid’s skin is typically more sensitive than an adult’s, extra caution should be observed. Make sure a cover is always placed on the hot water bottle and the child’s skin is never exposed to the hot rubber. Here are some tips that will help you ensure the safety of children while using hot water bottles:

Tips for using hot water bottles for kids

Don’t leave the hot water bottles under the cover while the kids are asleep. Use them to warm up the bed beforehand, but don’t leave them in the bed, especially when you’re not in the same room. Smaller children can roll over on top of them or possibly, when in a deep sleep, lie against a patch of heat for too long without waking up.

Don’t let your children sit on a hot water bottle. You can’t have your child lie down on a filled hot water bottle as well. Extra pressure on the bottle could cause the seal or lining to eventually become loose or leak.

Don’t let young boys and girls below 4 years of age play with a hot water bottle. They may accidentally unscrew the plug and burn themselves. This applies even if you’re in the same room. Youngsters love exploring and testing things out.

Toddlers love engaging with their environments and exploring

Get a hot water bottle cover. This effectively transforms the rather plain and boring hot water bottles into warm and fuzzy bedroom companions that little girls and boys can hug and cuddle while awake. These covers help protect the skin from getting burned, though it’s still not recommended that it stays on one body area for any extended period of time. At Cuddly Comforts we provide inner lined extra long hot water bottles to add that extra layer of protection.

Wash hot bottle covers regularly. You can also buy multiple covers so you can use another while the other one dries.

We provide a spare cover with all of our bottles

More tips for a kids hot water bottle

Ask your kids if the heat level is okay. Since everybody has a different reaction and tolerance to heat, make sure to ask your kids if the heat level is acceptable. What may be warm for you may be too hot for a small child. Constantly check heat levels when the bottle has first been filled.

Always check for leaks and other possible damage before using. Hot water bottles may sometimes appear alright, but years of use and abuse can wear down the inside of the bottle. Always check the seams, stopper or plugs. Even the smallest leak can lead to accidents.

“Use a cover or wrap a towel around the bottle and take it out when you put your child into bed. Then store it empty in a cool, dry location.”

Kidspot Australia

Don’t fill your hot water bottles more than two-thirds of its maximum capacity. Always ensure that you get all excess air out. This helps prevent leaks and damages at the seams, and it even makes the hot water bottles easier to use.

Always use hot water bottles according to manufacturer instructions. Taking care of your hot water bottles is the key to their long life. Try to replace your hot water bottles at least every two years as the quality of rubber naturally deteriorates.

We have heard stories in the past about hot water bottles being unsafe as there is a risk of burning or scalding. This is true but that is why we always advise following the safety guides and advice. Any type of bottle is dangerous in the same way that sharp knives are dangerous when you push them in to somebody or cars are dangerous if you use them to run somebody over!

So…can kids use extra-long hot water bottles?

Of course! The thing to remember here is that extra-long hot water bottles are very much like the regular hot water bottles too. The only difference is that they’re longer so they can cover larger areas. Our super soft faux fur design stays warm for longer so it helps protect hot water bottle huggers of all ages!

While some kids may be perfectly fine with a regular-sized hot water bottle that they can cuddle, some children like the extra-long ones as they like the extra warmth and flexibility. They might even be the same size.

Animal hot water bottles

Hot Water Bottles for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Hot water bottles come in all shapes and sizes – they can be big or small, they can be short neck warmers or extra long hot water bottles. Having a nice, soft cover, perfect for cuddling, is important and printed fabrics or plush animals can even be used to cover them.  These hot water bottles are perfect for kids and kids-at-heart as they’re flexible, huggable, and 100% adorable!

Extra cuddles

How to Fill Your Animal Hot Water Bottle

Animal hot water bottles are just like regular hot water bottles. They’re usually rectangular, circular, or heart-shaped, they can even be longer, but it’s the animal covers are what make them so endearing and kid-friendly.

This means there isn’t much difference when you’re filling them up too. The priority is keeping our little munchkins safe as well as toasty so here’s how to fill them up:

Open your hot water bottle by unscrewing the plug

If there’s some water left in it from the last time you used it, pour it all out so you get the temperature you want from your hot water bottle.

Heat up some water

Hot water bottles can hold different quantities of water, and some can hold as much as 2 litres of water. You’re going to want to fill them up until they’re about one-half to two-thirds full depending on capacity.

This step must be done carefully, because you don’t want to burn yourself with hot water. If you are using a tea kettle, slowly pour water into your hot water bottle, allowing it to fill about two thirds full.


You can boil water and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Follow your hot water bottle’s instruction guidelines about fill levels and follow correct advice on recommended temperature levels so as not to damage the rubber material.

Fill up your animal hot water bottle

Here at Cuddly Comforts we always advise filling your extra long hot water bottle up with a cover already on. If, for whatever reason, you’re filling it up without the cover, use heat resistant and water-proof gloves for added safety. Hold it around the neck or prop up the water bottle if you don’t want to touch it while filling.

If you’re filling it up with the cover, just make sure you do so carefully. The cover may get wet, but at least you won’t burn your hands if the surface gets too hot.

Squeeze out the extra air

This is an important step. A flatter water bottle is easier to manage. It can cover more skin too. Air left inside will heat up and expand. A bottle fully filled with steam and water can put pressure on its seams, potentially causing irreparable damage.

Close the hot water bottle up by screwing the plug back on

After you’ve squeezed the air out, carefully replace the plug and secure it in place.

Some hot water bottles are also microwavable. For these types, you only need to make sure that they have enough room inside the microwave to rotate. The material may break if they touch the inside walls of the microwave.

You’ll never need to refill them or empty them out. You just have to reheat them in the microwave before using.

Some HWBs can be microwaved

Extra Long Animal Hot Water Bottles

If you’re fond of extra long hot water bottles, there are many plush covers and printed fabric covers available for this type of hot water bottles too. And because they’re so adorable, we’re sure you won’t mind that many of these animal covers have long bodies of unrealistic proportions.

There are extra-long dogs, unicorns, bunnies, sloths, dragons, and many different real and mythical animals to choose from. Some are even famous cartoon characters!

These cuddly, warm, and extra long hot water bottles are perfect for colder nights and easing pains in multiple areas all at once. They’re often extremely cute yet highly effective in relieving back pains, neck pains, cramps, muscle soreness, stiff necks, and many other types of muscle pains.

They’re great for hugging and cuddling while sleeping too, and they’re the perfect bedtime companions for kids and kids-at-heart!