Using an extra long hot water bottle during pregnancy

Are extra long hot water bottles safe for pregnant women to use?

Pregnant women deal with quite a lot every day. The cramps, soreness, tired feet. They’re in a constant state of varying levels of physical pain and discomfort, and their mental and emotional health suffers at times too.

There are many products that can ease the irritation. Hot water bottles are designed to at least ease or relieve women of pregnancy pains. It is a difficult task creating a new life within their own bodies – any bit of help is welcome.

Back pain is a common ailment of pregnant women

Back pain is common during pregnancy as the pelvis, joints and lower back are placed under increasing strain.

Tips to reduce back pain during pregnancy

Is It Safe to Use a Hot Water Bottle when Pregnant?

Definitely, yes! Hot water bottles are still made with rubber as they can withstand high temperatures, but most hot water bottle nowadays already come covered with fabrics for both design and safety. The usual safety measures always apply and do not do anything dangerous or that you don’t feel comfortable with.

It’s also worth ensuring the following:

Your extra long hot water bottle neither has a split or is too worn.

Maintaining a fit and functioning bottle is vitally important.

Your hot water bottle is closed securely before using.

Ensure the stopper is screwed tightly and sufficiently closed. Once closed, turn the bottle upside down and give a short shake to remove any excess water and make sure there are no leaks.

You don’t fill your hot water bottle with boiling water.

Burns can happen so please be careful with the temperature of water you use.

You don’t sit on it or lay on it.

This obviously increases the chances of it popping or bursting. Never put excessive weight on the bottle.

And…you don’t use it together with an electric blanket.

Water and electric don’t mix. Enough said.

Keeping snug is important

Heat therapy during pregnancy

Are you considering using heat therapy? Heat therapy during pregnancy is a great idea. It’s an effective and inexpensive way that you can relieve yourself of pregnancy-related pains and discomfort.

Your pregnant body protects your child the best that it can, and a little heat therapy from an external heat source wouldn’t negatively affect you or your baby.

Heat only becomes problematic when it’s your internal temperature that rises, and no water bottle has the ability to do this. This is why you should avoid saunas and hot tubs (not warm baths), and why it’s dangerous that you suffer from high fever when you’re pregnant.

Localised heat therapy is great, non-invasive way to find comfort in specific areas like back, hips, joints and muscles during your pregnancy. However you should avoid using a heat pack anywhere on your abdomen while pregnant.

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Can I Use a Hot Water Bottle for Abdominal Pregnancy Pains?

Proceed with caution! Figure out what’s causing the pain, because there could be several reasons for tummy aches during pregnancy. It is also very common for abdominal pains to disappear when applying heat therapy on your back rather than directly on your abdominal area.

Hot water bottles should always be covered and never left for more than a few minutes on your tummy. Physicians will also most likely advise you to take a warm bath or try a massage instead of using a hot water bottle for abdominal pains during pregnancy.

Extra long hot water bottles are good for abdominal pain

Can I Use an Extra Long Hot Water Bottle Instead?

Of course! Extra-long hot water bottles are perfect if you’re suffering from pregnancy pains because you can wrap them around your body. You can use them to ease back pains, neck pains, sore muscles, stiff necks, cramps, hip pains, and joint pains.

Regular hot water bottles are great for targeting small areas, but pregnancy pains are notorious for spanning the length of your back, around your hips, both of your legs, and many other areas. Extra-long hot water bottles allow you to apply heat to relieve pain from multiple areas all at once.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are unsure.

Choosing Between Neck and Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are an all-time favourite choice for people living in frosty temperatures. These cuddly objects have been continuously innovated since their inception so now we have many choices to choose from.

Mini hot water bottles, extra long hot water bottles, traditional heart shaped hot water bottles or bottles that heat up in the microwave – the possibilities are endless!

Two of the more recent designs to have hit the hot water bottle market are neck hot water bottles and extra long types. In this article we will take a closer glance at what each of these types can do for you as we look over both the neck hot water bottle and the extra long hot water bottle.

woman suffering from neck pain

Neck Hot Water Bottles

Have you ever used a neck pillow? They come in slightly different shapes depending on the brand but with a similar objective to regular hot water bottles: to relieve neck and shoulder pains by helping the body to relax and hitting the points of discomfort.

The water’s warmth inside the rubber container will last for several hours so you can enjoy using it for a while and taking advantage of the heat application. Some are hook shaped, others a U shape with a small handle area, while the third type is often elongated in shape but small in size.

Generally, its curves are designed to fit comfortably around your neck for maximum coziness. You can use it when relaxing in a stationary position or doing simple activities at home. The rubber container inside is also covered with a cloth or cover that is perfectly washable.

People have been using hot water bottles to alleviate all kinds of body pain for hundreds of years, and you are probably one of them. However, the question is: Is it still advisable to use them to help with symptoms like neck and back pain? 

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Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

When it gets cold at night, you might want to snuggle up with a pillow or two. Adding an extra long hot water bottle in to mix can significantly add to your comfort.

Adequately covered with a soft cover, you can easily cuddle it to the position of your liking while doing some reading or just resting. You can also use this to relieve body pains, stomach aches, period pains and cramps.

Because of its longer structure, heat retention is higher so you can enjoy a whole night of snuggling (without the hassle of a fellow human!). It has a twistable lid that seals the whole bottle, preventing any spillage or leakage to occur.

More importantly, the extra long hot water bottle can be used to perfectly sit around the neck to ease discomfort. Provided the bottle is not at it hottest point it can be tied using the loop and string. Often it just sits on the shoulder, pressed against the neck.

easing neck pain

A Quick Comparison of the Two

Let us now examine a few angles of comparison between these two types of hot water bottles:

Both hot water bottles have a rubber container on the inside to hold water and preserve its heat. The procedure of filling it with hot water is also similar. The difference lies on the level of caution you need to have during filling.

Filling up an extra long hot water bottle

Since neck-type bottles are U-shaped, you may need to tilt it a bit so the hot water you poured will settle at the other end of it. This mean you need take extra caution so as not to cause spillage or worse skin injury.

For the extra long hot water bottle, you only need to hold it upright and fill it easily without worrying about any spillages.

The neck hot water bottle is smaller compared to extra long ones and specifically designed to target the neck. It has a round shape that will easily feet around your neck while also touching your shoulders.

While it impacts both body parts, application is still limited with these two. The extra long hot water bottle on the other hand can also be used as a neck pain reliever and has even a greater extent of application.

Aside from the neck and shoulders, you can use it in your stomach, back, hands, legs and feet. Its shape is not fixed so you can use it accordingly and keep it in contact with the affected body part. It boasts added flexibility.

Both types are easy to maintain since inner containers are made of rubber that provide long-lasting insulation. The outer sleeves are made of cloth which is machine washable.

The Warm Wrap-Up

There you have it! If you just want to target your neck and shoulders, a neck hot water bottle can do the job, but if your whole body is in need of a bit of TLC the extra long hot water bottle can literally fill those needs as well.

With this in mind, extra long hot water bottles are one step ahead. Its span can be used to warm a wider portion of your body in a shorter period of time.

and even if you are feeling in tip-top condition, you can always place it in your bed in advance to give you a warm, comfortable sleep through the night.